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Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Hair transplant surgery is most frequently performed on men with androgenic type hair loss (related to age, hormones, and familial inheritance).

Therefore, hair transplant is the most common aesthetic surgery among men. In addition, those who have bald spots in hair or eyebrows after burns, those who have had a transplant before but are not content with the result, those who have partially bald spots after facelift surgery, those who have partially bald spots due to some diseases, and those with female pattern hair loss are potential patients for a hair transplant surgery

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that should be performed by specialists in a hospital environment in order to avoid any possible complications.

During the interview, a professional team will analyze your hair, the type of hair loss, and the donor area on your scalp. There is not a reason preventing those with healthy hair in the nape of the neck from undergoing a hair transplant surgery

A hair analysis conducted by the doctor will determine the optimum number of hair grafts. After identifying the type of hair loss, a hair thickening treatment may be performed on spots that may lose hair, too. In cases when one session is not sufficient, the best results are mostly achieved after the second session. 

In hair transplant operations, the determinant factor is the type of hair loss rather than age. If one can see the scalp clearly by the naked eye, this means the hair density on those areas is below the normal density. In this case, the most effective treatment would be a hair transplant

Age is only important to determine if the hair loss stopped or not. Male pattern hair loss continues for a lifetime but slows down after the age of 35. Patients under the age of 35 may experience hair loss even after the hair transplant surgery and may need a second or third session. 

The surgery itself is over within a few hours. However, if the patient doesn’t want their social circle to know about the surgery, they need a 7-day period. If there is no such concern, they may continue their daily life in one day.

The hair grafts will start to grow in two months. The transformation is mostly seen in the third and fourth months. However, it will take 7 or 8 months for the hair grafts to fully grow. A healthy diet and a psychological state have the utmost importance for hair growth. 

Hair transplant is a risk-free procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. No side effects that may risk your health in the post-procedure period have been observed so far. 

Hair transplantation may require multiple sessions depending on the size of the transplanted area and whether hair loss continues.

The result of the hair transplant is fully dependent on the technique. The sizes and the directions of the hair grafts used in the transplantation determine the appearance. If the follicular unit extraction technique is applied, in other words, if the hair grafts are implanted in sizes and directions suitable with the natural direction the hair grows, then the result will seem highly natural. 

You may experience pain, tingles, itchiness, or pin and needles on your donor area right after the surgery. However, these complaints don’t last more than one day and will go away if you take a mild pain reliever that your doctor prescribes. 

The newest technique is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In FUE, the doctor removes the hair follicles one by one using a micromotor and implants them in the bald area after canalizing there with a non-marking lateral slit.

Hair loss is an ongoing condition. However, because the transplanted hair is extracted from the areas that are most resistant to hair loss, the risk of future balding is very low. 

Both women and men can experience hair loss. However, it is more prevalent among men. 25% of men under 25 age start to lose hair to some extent. This rate reaches 50% among men aged 50.

Exposure to radiation or using chemotherapy medicine can cause hair loss. It can also occur due to stressful events such as giving birth, ending the pregnancy, starting or stopping using birth control pills, pre-menopausal period, and due to sudden and severe mental violence. Additionally, certain diseases such as skin tumors and serious bacterial, viral, or fungal infections that harm hair follicles may trigger hair loss. 

The transplanted hair is your normal hair, too. Like every hair, you can comb, style, and dry it. There is no special care required. 

We don’t suggest you undergo hair transplant surgery during summer as you shouldn’t swim in the sea or pool after the surgery.

You can undergo the second hair transplant surgery session after the first follicular unit transplantation.

It is not possible for hair transplant operation to affect virility negatively. On the contrary, because self-esteem increases after the surgery, patients experience positive results in many aspects.

If the patient’s skin type is prone to acne, they may develop acne between the second and fourth months to a certain degree, which will clear up gradually as the hair grows. 

Patients arriving from abroad or other cities can stay in one of our contracted hotels for reasonable prices. 4-days of stay is sufficient. The surgery is performed on the first day, and patients can return home upon washing hair on the fourth day. 

Those who are under the age of 18, those who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, and those who have little or no hair in the donor area in the nape can’t undergo a hair transplant operation.

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It definitely is. The healthcare services in Turkey are 70-80% cheaper compared to Europe and the USA.

No. There is no waiting time in Turkey. The hospitals use medical equipment of high technology in global standards. There are many healthcare professionals who are acknowledged experts. Turkey offers easy access to reasonably-priced operations that the insurance system in your country doesn’t offer.

Both the patients and the insurance systems aspire to receive high-quality medical services with the lowest costs. In this context, Turkey is an attractive option given the government support, competitive prices, expert doctors, and the robust infrastructure it offers. 

Turkey has the highest number of 51 JCI certified hospitals in the world. More than 1200 state and private hospitals offer a vast network. The 300 of the establishments that provide private medical services have close relations with international health centers.

All experienced professionals, Prime Clinic Turkey’s consultants and doctors make an evaluation and choose the medical establishment and the doctor after receiving your approval.

You need to prepare the medical reports, medical examination results, and medical imaging reports prior to your visit to Turkey. 

The hospitals we work with provide services in the European standards and offer expert teams of doctors, the infrastructure of cutting-edge technology, and experienced backgrounds. 

Prime Clinic Turkey provides the patients with hospital attendant support in line with the doctors’ notice and anticipation. 

You can utilize our airport transfer services within the “International Patient Services” package. 

The case manager will help you with communication during your stay and the treatment process. All of our establishments employ healthcare professionals who can speak English. We can also provide support in Arabic, Persian, French, and Chinese upon your demand. 

All of the treatments are priced differently. The manager of your case will inform you about the quotation before you visit Turkey. 

This is up to your recovery process and the medical treatment you receive. Your doctor will determine the reasonable length of time for your stay in Turkey. Many patients choose to stay awhile after the treatment is over to sightsee our beautiful country. 

The answer to this question differs for each patient. We will mention this question in our suggestions. Generally, the patients are advised to be present in Turkey a day or a weekend before the treatment. 

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