Why You Should Choose ESTE Academy

This training is designed to meet the needs of physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and dentists.

Perfect Education

Receive hands-on training
from specialist physicians.

Electronic Certificate

Advance your medical career
with valid certification.

Expert Doctors

The trainings are given by the specialist doctors of ESTE.

Detailed Program

An in-depth training program where you will not miss any detail.

Detailed Documentation

Reinforce your education with a permanent training materials.

Applied Trainings

Training reinforced with applications on the model.


Everything about medical aesthetics. Aesthetic applications with or without surgery. You can find answers to all your questions with Erdağı.
ESTE Academy has been providing training and education to physicians for over 10 years. Our staff closely supervises each attendee during the actual procedure.
Prime Clinic
Prime Clinic is an establishment that provides international healthcare and consultancy services in the fields of aesthetic, plastic surgery, hair transplant, and dental care.

Join Our Training

    ESTE Academy Education Process

    Our expert are always provide best health care service.

    Botox & Dermal Filler Training

    Botox training course for physicians, Nurses, Dentists, and other licensed healthcare professionals.

    Este Academy provides participants with a variety of highly credentialed, successful “Physician Only” instructors who are practice owners who have achieved incredible practice success.

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    Basic Plan

    Electronic Certificate
    Medical Consulting
    One-On-One Work
    Detailed Documents
    Airport Transfer

    Este Academy