Hair Transplant causes DEATH!

Many people undergo hair transplantation for a younger attractive look. But most of these people do not know that hair transplantation has risks and complications. Rushing to choose a hair transplant clinic may lead to negative complications on your scalp that may cause DEATH. So, did you know that hair transplant may cause DEATH?


First, you should know more about hair transplant to understand why it may cause DEATH. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from the donate area of the head to the baldness area.


In the late fourth decade until the tenth decade of the last century, hair transplantation began to be developed to provide a natural appearance for the hair.

Hair transplant methodes


hair transplant FUT

One of the oldest methods of hair transplant is FUT, which is not used now because of its risks and complications.


The FUT method works by cutting off large units of the head and transplanting them elsewhere, which it sounds risky. There are some complications for this method, including;

  • It may cause bleeding
  • irreversible scars
  • baldness in the donor area of the head
  • Scalp stretch

FUT hair transplant


FUE hair transplant

The second famous method of hair transplant is FUE. This method is performed as a surgery of by using sapphire pen. It usually takes about 8 hours to be done.


The sapphire pen’s diameter varies between 0.7 to 0.5. To maintain accuracy in PRIME CLINIC, we prefer using 0.5 diameter pen.


FUE method is used for a bald head and it makes the hair look attractive and natural. So how FUE method is performed?


The FUE method is performed by taking the follicles from the donor area and put them in a saline solution to preserve them.


At the same time, the doctor opens the channels in which the follicles will be implant, through a surgery or through a sapphire pen. The doctor performed this method in about 8 hours.


For a successful FUE procedure, you need to take care of the following;

  • You have to make sure that this method is suitable for you for hair transplantation.
  • You must shave your hair completely before transplanting.
  • 0.7 diameter pen is not preferred because it may cause some scars and damage inside the scalp.
  • You have to make sure that the pen NOT used for more than 2 patients to AVOID itching or any type of scalp infection transmitted through the pen.


DHI hair transplant

The third method in hair transplant is DHI. DHI is a direct method which is done in average 5 to 6 hours. DHI is performed using choi pen in which can pick up the follicles and implant them directly in the scalp.


You have to take the following points into consideration if you are going to experience DHI hair transplant;

  • You have to make sure that this method is suitable for you.
  • In DHI method you do NOT have to shave your hair before transplanting.
  • DHI is used for giving you a THICKER hair look.
  • You have to make sure that the pen is NOT used for more than 2 patients to AVOID itching or any type of scalp infection transmitted through the pen.


After presenting the THREE methods of hair transplantation, you should pay ATTENTION to the following points:

  • The surgery must be performed by a well-known DOCTOR to avoid risks and complications.
  • You must do medical consultations and medical tests before hair transplant.
  • Tell your doctor about any illness you have an show your doctor the medicines you use.
  • Make sure that the clinic obtains a license from the Ministry of Health.


Why to choose PRIME CLINIC?

  • PRIME CLINIC provides you with a guaranteed experience for hair transplant.
  • VIP room in which one patient is allowed to have a surgery per day.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Free medical consultant.
  • Full package which includes (Hotel Reservation, VIP transportation, and medical bag)




  • Dr. Mehmet is graduated from the faculty of medicine of Cerrah Paşa University in Istanbul.
  • 7+ years of experience.
  • 1200+ Hair Transplantation surgeries.
  • He performs only one hair transplantation surgery per day.
  • He supervises the patient himself.


Contact us to get a FREE medical consultation.


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